• Knowing what to do if there is an emergency.

Top 5 things that Clients Say about our SLS Services.

Supported Living Service

​​​​​1. A Home of One’s Own                        

Choose your home, what happens in it, the appearance, and who you ​invite over.                                    

2. Choice and Self Directed                  

You make informed choices, directing your services, your life, and your future.                        

3. Relationships

You choose who to have relationships with and how your family, friends, neighbors, circle of support, and staff support you in your life.

4. Community Membership

You choose, and have the opportunity to learn about your community including; volunteer opportunities, churches, classes, support or leisure groups, coffee shops, and community resources and events.

5. Flexible and Tailored Services and Support

Your Individual Service Plan (ISP) that you create with support, will direct the services provided in your home and in the community. This living document will change as your needs change.

  • Training (domestic, personal, and community skills)
  • Personal Support/Case Management (Coordinating Community services such as SSI, MediCal, In Home Supportive Services IHSS)
  • 24-hour Support Information & Coordination (staffing, medical, coordination, etc.)
  • Encouraging me to keep my home clean and safe.

"Selecting good staff fit my daughter."

​​Supported Living Services (SLS) is a program for developmentally disabled adults, designed to train them in skills that help keep them healthy and safe in their homes and community. There are three types of services:

"My daughter's excellent staff manager, her staff, and the general proactive approach of this program."

 ​What do you like about On My Own?

The Five Principles of

Supported Living Services:

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Emergency Prep in your home and community, training on leases, developing cleaning schedules, cooking, safety and prevention, coordination with In Home Support Service (IHSS) support, Sacramento Housing support.

Personal Care & Motor Skills Coordination:

Through the acceptance of entitled resources such as IHSS, we help coordinate approved IHSS services with IHSS employees such as: bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, mobility, bowel and bladder care, and assistance with durable medical equipment.

​Wellness & Healthcare:

Facilitation and advocacy at doctor appointments, schedule for preventative care, medication management.


Memorizing, tools, appliances, forms, math, reading, and spelling.


SSI, banking (including online banking), savings, record keeping, bill pay, and budgeting.

Problem Solving:

How to advocate for one’s self, understanding rights and responsibilities, stress management, boundary setting, decision making, and self rewards.


How-to create and maintain a circle of support and friendships, community involvement, volunteer opportunities, work, school, and free and low cost events.

-Extracted from the Sacramento SLS 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey.

"Love, love, love our current permanent caregivers!"

  • Helping me be involved in the community the way I would like .

"Attention to detail, pleasant staff, I am kept the loop when situations occur. They have given my son a completely positive look on life after years of almost despair. You have improved my well being
exponentially as well, as there was no way I could help him in as much and in as many ways as you have."

  • Helping me make my own decisions and future plans.

-Extracted from Parent Surveys 2016 and 2017 

"Facilitator is resourceful and handles concerns quickly."

  • Helping me achieve my goals and objectives.

 90% of clients rated their overall satisfaction high for our services.

                  Types of Training: