• ​—All activities of daily living (personal care, cooking, etc.)
  • —Medication Management
  • —Generic Resources Coordination and Case Management
  • —Behavioral Management
  • —Recreation Services and Activities
  • —Meal Preparation, etc.

Our Dedicated Staff

We facilitate a variety of in-house, group activities throughout the week and encourage the resident’s participation. These activities include Music Appreciation, Arts & Crafts, Movie Night and Game Night and are designed to promote social interaction with staff and peers. Each resident also receives monthly consultation services with a certified Recreational Therapist.

Residents receive ongoing consultation services with a BACB certified Behavioral Analyst. An individualized Behavioral Intervention Plan is developed and training and support services are implemented to assist with learning and utilizing coping strategies and healthier communication skills.

Staff assists residents with improving and maintaining mobility by providing range of motion exercises, training in proper transferring techniques, and by encouraging daily exercise/physical activity.

We facility a variety of weekly, off-site, group activities that include shopping venues, trips to local parks and recreational sites, movie theaters, dinning, sporting events and holiday attractions.  These activities are designed to promote community integration and interaction with peers and the general public.        

Every month there are activities planned out for our clients and events for the family members all year long. Here is a list of some things we may participate in the community:

  • Family Barbeques (Sunday)
  • Holiday events

  • Jazz Festival

  • Movie Theatres

  • Mani/Pedi night

  • River Cats Games (Fridays)

  • Window shopping

  • Zoo

Services Provided


  • —2,600 square feet
  • —4 bed, 3 bath
  • —Level 4I
  • —Roll-in showers
  • —Seated tub and wheelchair accessible bathrooms
  • —Fire alarmed, smoke detectors, and fire sprinklers throughout home​


In-home weekly activities are posted in the common area and include activities such as:—

  • Cooking
  • —Arts, Crafts
  • —Music
  • —Painting
  • —Gardening
  • —Sports
  • —Exercise 

Common Areas​​

  • —Two patios and front porch
  • —Large fenced back yard and gardening area
  • —Two living room areas
  • —Kitchen eating area
  • —Two car garage for storage of personal items

Residential Care Facility for The Elderly

Social & Recreational Activities

On My Own Home is a level 4-I, Residential Care Facility for Elderly designed to provide direct care services and support to residents for a successful transition from the state developmental centers into a less restrictive, community based living environment. All services are provided to our residents based on individual need. Those services include but are not limited to the following:

Personal Hygiene:

Our staff provides support and training in all areas of personal hygiene, grooming and toileting needs. Support ranges from partial assistance to full care based on the individual abilities of the resident. Our goal is to facilitate and maintain as much independence in these areas as is possible. 

Sensory/Motor Skills Development:

We train in positioning, eye/hand coordination, aerobics, ambulation, and range of motion.

Community Integration:

Going to a beauty/barber shop, shopping for groceries, attending church, and visiting other community businesses.

Independent Living Skills:

Our staff provide a full range of housekeeping, meal and laundry services. Residents are encouraged to participate in tasks as they are able and receive training and support with doing so. Our residents also receive ongoing consultation services with a licensed Occupational Therapist to provide additional support and training on modified approaches to tasks and self-care as well as any special equipment needs.  

On My Own Home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac, across from a community park, and within a short walk of a variety of shopping and entertainment venues. This beautifully appointed, fully ADA accessible, home is designed for comfortable and safe living for seniors. Highly trained and dedicated staff provide twenty-four hour personalized care and support designed to meet the resident’s individual needs.


  • —Citrus Heights, California (10 miles from Sacramento)
  • —Hospital and emergency clinics within in 5 miles
  • —Quite neighborhood, across from park, in cul-de-sac
  • —Accessible bus line
  • —Walking distance from mall, shopping, and eateries
  • —Less than one mile from company headquarters

On My Own Home

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

Social, Behavioral, Mobility and Community Integration:

Personal Quarters

  • Citrus Heights, Ca (10 miles from Sacramento) 
  • —Hospital and emergency clinics within in 5 miles
  • —Quite neighborhood, across from park, in cul-de-sac
  • —Accessible bus line
  • Walking distance from mall, shopping, and eateries
  • Less than one mile from company headquarters

Our staff provide direct care services, support and supervision to the residents on a 24-hour per day basis. They complete an extensive 40+ hours of initial training and receive many more additional hours of ongoing in-house training designed to meet the individualized needs of our residents.

Staff are required to complete 70 hours of Direct Service Professional Training and obtain certification as a DSPT Level 1 and Level 2 within their first two years of employment. Additionally, staff are required to complete 12 to 24 CEU training hours per year thereafter in areas that meet the needs of the residents.