Residential Care Facility for The Elderly

rcfeOn My Own Home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac, across from a community park, and within a short walk of a variety of shopping and entertainment venues. This beautifully appointed, fully ADA accessible, home is designed for comfortable and safe living for seniors. Highly trained and dedicated staff provide twenty-four hour personalized care and support designed to meet the resident’s individual needs.

Services Provided

All services are provided to our clients as they are needed and they are as follow:

  • Personal Hygiene:
    We train in bathing, teeth brushing, grooming, hand washing, shaving, etc.
  • Dressing Skills:
    We train in dressing completely and appropriately, clothes selection, age appropriate dressing and other related skills.
  • Sensory/Motor Skills Development:
    We train in positioning, eye/hand coordination, aerobics, ambulation, and range of motion.
  • Community Integration:
    Going to a beauty/barber shop, shopping for groceries, attending church, and visiting other community businesses.
  • Independent Living Training:
    This can include household chores, self-medication, money management, food preparation and cooking, reading and writing skills, and other areas of self advocacy.
  • And much more…
    We also provide trainings for social skills, recreation and leisure skills, eating skills, and other areas.

Social & Recreational Activities

Every month there are activities planned out for our clients and events for the family members all year long. Here is a list of some things we may participate in the community:

  • Family Barbeques (Sunday)
  • Holiday events
  • Jazz Festival
  • Movie Theatres
  • Mani/Pedi night
  • River Cats Games (Fridays)
  • Window shopping
  • Zoo
  • Much more!

Our Dedicated Staff

Staff received many in house trainings from On My Own in-home. Staff will also receive individual training and supervision specific to the needs of the person being served.

We always encourage the family support network to be part of the training process.


View our Golden Gate Partnership Recognition award.

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