November Family Conference Call Summary

Difference between Individual Program Plan (IPP) and Individual Services Plan (ISP)

An IPP is a contract of sorts between the client and the Regional Center. The Regional Center will not pay for services if they are not listed in the IPP.
IPP’s can be reviewed annually, every two years or every three years. You can request an IPP meeting at any time with your Service Coordinator. The ISP is the plan that each specific program plan that the agencies the clients receive services from. For example if they have a day program, that vendor will develop an ISP with the client as it pertains to their day program. If they have behavioral services, the behavioral services agency will develop an ISP with the client.

        Staffing Crisis:

Explained the current struggle vendors are facing to attract and retain employees to want to work in this field when fast food restaurants pay more. We explained some of the incentives we have tried and that we need to know from families if there are any employee issues that we can address. We shared our employee retention rate is higher than the state average and is getting better also. We also shared our current onboarding process which also has brought some notable improvements.

        Staff Training:

Concerns were discussed on the staff training and knowledge when starting with clients. We reviewed our orientation and training processes and gave an overview of the new electronic training we will have uploaded to the Ipads so on-the-spot trainings can occur easier.

        Staff Supervision:

We discussed the importance of taking issues above the Case Manager level if they ever feel like issues are not getting resolved. No current issues but this is important to know. We shared the Program Managers for each program/region and how to find them on our website as well.


Questions about conservatorship arose and the CEO briefly explained the different limitations with conservatorships. We shared the resource of the Dale Law Group and their website at The website offers great videos and resources for families considering conservatorship.


We shared our company website address and the various things you can find on there to stay updated with the company. We explained we will be adding a Parent and Client Corner so that the conference calls can be shared.


We hope you find this information helpful and look forward to the next call. 

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Next Conference Call:

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