Relocation and Renting:

This includes touring neighborhoods, applying, making the deposit and signing the papers, packing and unpacking, etc.


This includes cleaning, organizing, and laundry.


This includes nutrition, planning, food preparation, cooking, and clean-up.


Shopping covers making a list, finding the correct items, comparing prices, checking out, and paying.

Money Management and Record Management:

This includes understanding sources of income, estimating expenses, creating budget limits, managing spending, banking, keeping account records, and creating/maintaining a filing system for all types of documents.

Wellness and Health Care:

This includes hygiene, fitness, nutrition, prevention, and treatment. It can involve finding health care providers, making and getting to appointments, and communicating with doctors and nurses.

Functional Academic Skills:

This includes learning to use a calculator, counting money, using a calendar, writing appointments, reading street signs.


This includes assertiveness and communication skills needed in any type of situation, joining self-advocacy committees/groups, anger management, and parenting.

Attendant Management:

This included screening, interviewing, selecting, hiring, training and problem solving.

Emergency Preparation:

This includes preparing an emergency go kit with critical information and practice of what to do in the case of an emergency.

How and where are our services provided?

  • All services are provided in the person’s natural environment — in his or her home, or in the community.
  • Wherever the training takes us, public transportation, doctor appointment, community programs, etc.
  • We provide consistent and repetitive training of skills so that the person will be able to use them in real situations, on his/her own.
  • We advocate for the person’s right to choose, while providing facilitation in order make to safe and reasonable choices.
  • We provide guidance, and help slow down planning and problem solving so that the person can consider the pros and cons of informed choice.
  • We provide on-going maintenance and support to maintain skills.

Goals of Independent Living Service

Being a part of Independent Living Services

Independent Living Service

ILS is a service provided through the Regional Center for clients who are interested in living on their own in the community. Clients will be paired with an ILS facilitator who will meet with the client weekly to work on goals and objectives. The training is repetitive and customized according to the client's specific goals and needs. Independence is a journey and every journey begins with a first step.