On My Own History

​​On My Own, created by Randy Pierce in 2001, provides Independent Living Services (ILS) and Supported Living Services (SLS) to adults with developmental disabilities in the Greater Sacramento Area and the nine surrounding counties. Services include: Independent Living Services (ILS), Supported Living Services (SLS), Empowered Parenting (EPP), Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), Elder Care Services (ECS), and new services are continuously being developed to meet the growing needs of this population.

In 2008, On My Own Community Services CS (CS), a non-profit corporation was created to provide extensive employment services through the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). These services include: Job Development (JD), Job Coaching (JC), External Situational Assessments (ESA), Vocational Assessments (VA), and Personal Vocational Social Adjustment Training (PVSA).

In 2012, On My Own expanded its Supported and Independent Living Services to North Bay Regional Center, and began serving more than 13 counties in Northern California.