In effort to bring all of us together to talk about ideas, share news, and discuss issues that affect our industry or company, we have set up quarterly conference calls with our CEO, Michelle Ramirez. 

                                                         November Client Conference Call Summary

        Difference between Individual Program Plan (IPP) and Individual Services Plan (ISP)

An IPP is a contract of sorts between the client and the Regional Center. The Regional Center will not pay for services if they are not listed in the IPP. IPP’s can be reviewed annually, every two years or every three years. You can request an IPP meeting at any time with your Service Coordinator. The ISP is the plan that each specific program plan that the agencies the clients receive services from. For example if they have a day program, that vendor will develop an ISP with the client as it pertains to their day program. If they have behavioral services, the behavioral services agency will develop an ISP with the client.

        Housing Crisis:

California is experiencing a housing crisis and it is very important to get on the county Housing Authority Websites to stay on top of when the housing list opens. A few Sacramento vendors have put together a roommate matching database and hoping that it will be a good way to match potential roommate matches. One client shared they are trying to transfer their Housing Choice Voucher from Stanislaus County to Yolo County. We shared a good resource is Patty Uplinger from Housing Now. Patty might be able to help with the process.


​We shared our company website address and the various things you can find on there to stay updated with the company. We explained we will be adding a Parent and Client Corner so that the conference calls can be shared.


We hope you find this information helpful and look forward to the next call. 

Thank you!



Next Conference Call:

TBD - Jan. Or Feb. 

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