Dear Clients and Community Partners:

This year looking forward to seeing the continual positive affects to some of our strategic changes we’ve made. We have already seen some improvements in our employee retention and compensation packages, but also reduction in overtime and enhancement of our training programs.

Legislatively speaking, in 2018 we a few issues we are addressing through our involvement with several statewide organizations.

•             Support Senator Holden’s Bill which requests for bridge funding to address local cost pressures in the DD/ID field

•             Support Lanterman Coalition proposal to use Developmental Center assets to support integrated community housing

•             Pursue a 4% rate increase until statewide rate study is implemented

•             Pursue removal of median rate caps until statewide rate study is implemented

•             Pursue simplified process for minimum wage adjustments

Over the next few months our company is reviewing our organizational structure, market analysis for positions, software utilization and growth in two programs specifically Elder Care and Supported Living.

We thank you for the continued support.




Michelle Ramirez,


Sept. 2018

Dear Clients, Families and Community Partners:

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your support to On My Own. The word of mouth referrals and collaboration have allowed us to add new team members. Each person brings a fresh energy and new ideas. We are also pleased with the changes we have made within our departments and programs this year. I walk into the office every day and feel so blessed to have such a hardworking, fun and dedicated group of people who truly want the best for our clients and our employees. The culture here is like nothing I ever experienced before, and I owe that to all of you. We have been in business since 2001 and have employees now who have been with us 16-17 years! Our 15, 10 and 5 year Anniversary dinner is around the corner and we look forward to honoring all of you who have stuck with us this long. Great job!


As for company news, we decided to switch to a newer, more robust payroll system called ADP.  It has been many months of team planning and strategizing but we should be up and running by the end of the year. This will be so nice for our employees to have access to their payroll information. In other news, On My Own Community Services is expanding into a new Vocational Day Program and our North Bay region is also adding vocational services which will include Job Development, Job Coaching, and Vocational Assessments. These programs should start by next year.


Lastly, we have several committees that meet regularly to address issues that impact our clients, employees, or the company. The committees are:

Recruitment and Retention

I welcome ideas or suggestions you have for the committees.

Till next time, have a great rest of the year!


Michelle Ramirez