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Last revised August 2016

May 2017

Dear Community Members, Clients and Families,

On My Own (OMO) has had an eventful year thus far. We are calling this year, “The year of change.” We have a new President (who may present many changes Federally that could impact California); some valued team members have moved on to advance their careers/education; and we have drastically changed some structural and operational procedures. We have also brought on new professionals to help with the continued growth. I always try to embrace change. I have learned over the years that although the changes seem challenging at the time something good always comes from them. We may develop a new way of doing things, think of a new idea, or a fresh set of eyes spot something we did not see before. In our industry, change is inevitable.  The positive news is, despite the changes to our industry and our company, the clients’ services should not be impacted in the slightest. In fact, we foresee more client participation. For example, we established quarterly client conference meetings where we can share information on client rights, what is happening at the Regional Center level, discuss any program or service related questions, and share ideas for the company to consider. In addition, families will be provided an opportunity to participate in their own conference meetings. We plan to conduct these meetings quarterly. If you have any questions about the conference meetings, please contact Michelle Ramirez at (916) 726-0792. 

 Some fun news to share is that we established an Employee Incentive Raffle. The raffle takes place each month, over a five month period. Good-standing employees receive one raffle ticket for each year of employment with OMO. The prizes include: $100 Jiffy Lube Gift Certificate, $150 Fuel Card, $500 Grocery Card, and an $700 stipend to go towards their rent/mortgage.  To say this incentive program is a HUGE hit is an understatement. The employees have been very excited each month to see who has won. I hope to be able to find other fun ways to recognize our great employees.

This next item may not be as exciting, but On My Own has officially completed our Client cookbook. The cookbook has easy to follow recipes, with visuals, large font, and few steps. The cookbooks are free to our clients. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please call the office and we will be sure to provide you with one.  

I look forward to the next company update, and/or possibly having you on our next client/family conference call.


Michelle Ramirez

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